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Guy Bourdin (1928-1991)

Pourquoi mettre en avant Guy Bourdin, d’abord parce que je n’ai pas vu son exposition dans le sud de la France et c’est bien dommage, il fermait que je suis arrivé. Mais aussi parce que j’aime sa photographie et son goût pour la couleur et les jambes des femmes. Un peu de biographie pour situer l’artiste (in english from his website

Guy Bourdin (1928-1991) was born in Paris.
With the eye of a painter, Guy Bourdin created images that contained fascinating stories, compositions, both in B&W and in colours. He was among the 1st to create images with narratives, telling stories and shows that the image is more important than the product which is displayed. Using fashion photography as his medium, he sent out his message, one that was difficult to decode, exploring the realms between the absurd and the sublime. Famed for his suggestive narratives and surreal aesthetics, he radically broke conventions of commercial photography with a relentless perfectionism and sharp humor. Guy Bourdin was an image maker, a perfectionist. He knew how to grab the attention of the viewer and left nothing to chance. He created impeccable sets, or when not shooting in his studio rue des Ecouffes in le Marais, in undistinguished bedrooms, on the beach, in nature, or in urban landscapes. The unusual dramas that unfold in these seemingly everyday scenes and ordinary encounters pique our subconscious and invite our imagination. Moreover, he developed a technic using hyper real colours, meticulous compositions of cropped elements such as low skies with high grounds and the interplay of light and shadows as well as the unique make-up of the models.

Le mieux est de vous mettre 3 photos emblématique de son travail que j’ai trouvé sur ce très bon site web :

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